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LATEST UPDATE: 20th January 2021

Men’s New Releases – Between 30th January & 15th March

T-Shirts (Men – Restock) – Around 30th January

Shorts (Men – Restock) – Around 15th March

Tank Tops (Men) – Around 15th March

Odyssey Joggers (Men) – Around 30th January

Odyssey V8 Joggers (Men) – Around 30th January

Hoodies (Men) – Around 15th February


If you would like to reserve items, please click here to email us. Please let us know if you would like to be updated, on launch day, through: email, Instagram DM or FB Messenger. We will confirm your reservation. Once the items are back in stock, we will hold your reservation for 1 day. This means you will have access to the item(s) 24 hours prior to the official launch day